Scope of Cleaning Services For The Job

Scope of Cleaning Services

When a first-time client calls and asks for cleaning, are you comfortable with quoting a price for the job?  Are you confident in your ability to judge where this job falls in the cleaning cycle?  What do you say or do if your new client doesn’t think their home is in such bad shape while you cringe at the thought of what it will take to bring their surfaces back to life?  You know the hours it will take but your client thinks it’s a 2 hour job for a 1-2 person team. What if a regular customer calls and asks for an additional “basement” clean?  

Sarah Vance, co-owner Town & Country Cleaning ServicesCleaning expert Sarah Vance of Town & Country Cleaning Services in Chapel Hill, NC offers help on how you might handle this situation by explaining the cleaning cycle in detail.  She also talks about the “Dirt Scale.”   Have you ever heard of the dirt scale?  It might become your new best friend.  Sarah explains how this tool can be used by both you and your potential client to provide a good starting point for setting expectations and determining the scope of cleaning services the client is truly asking for.  Read the full article.

If you’re interested in a professional house cleaning certification, see details here.  

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  1. Paige Smith says:

    It is interesting to learn that there are so many different cleaning services that are offered. There seem to always be things that are needing to be cleaned. Cleaning houses and business almost seems like job security.

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