Mold Remediation Certification for Cleaning Companies

ISE often receives calls from cleaning specialists looking to expand their services, and the certification most requested is Mold Remediation Training (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician / AMRT). Though ISE does not currently have an IICRC-approved AMRT Certification Instructor, our technical specialist and IICRC-approved HCT instructor Bruce Vance recommends several schools for your training:

Restoration Consultants in Sacramento, CA; 888-617-3266

Instructor Rachel Adams; email Rachel directly

Bruce bases his recommendation on

  • having taken a certification course with an instructor or group
  • having worked closely with an instructor or group through a certification revision process
  • having worked closely with an instructor or group as a credentialed reference informing his co-authored book The Professional House Cleaning Technician’s Manual.

ISE encourages all cleaning industry professionals to hold the appropriate certification for their regular service offering. An outstanding overview and science-based certification is the House Cleaning Technician certification, which is basic to all areas of specialized cleaning and remediation used in both the residential and commercial cleaning industries.

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