House Cleaning Done Right: Using Touch

Cleaning and the Sense of Touch

We’re talking about house cleaning done right.  By “done right” we mean using all of your senses to clean and do a good job.  Our first two articles in the series were about using our senses of sight and smell to enhance our cleaning techniques.  Did you know that your sense of touch also plays a part in good house cleaning techniques?  

Cleaning Done Right Using Sense of Touch - Institute for Service ExcellenceOther senses can reveal additional problems or pitfalls.  Running your hand over the granite counter, does it feel gritty?  You and/or a client are most likely using a cleaner with chelating agents (most detergents have these agents).  If you know it’s not your company because you always use a stone-specific cleaner that is safe for marble and granite, don’t stop there.  Educate your client and earn their gratitude – it’s just that – earned and your glowing reputation is enhanced yet again!

Similarly, if you run your hand inside the guest bathtub do your fingers pick up a whitish residue?  Either the tub wasn’t rinsed well at the prior clean or it has been used since the last clean and needs a full clean today.  Ignore it at the peril of ticking off your client, especially if you don’t communicate that it needs cleaning but that it falls outside of your regular scope. 

Woman Cleaning RefrigeratorIf the customer is paying you handsomely for the time you generally spend there, go ahead and clean it, leaving the client a note that you have given her a ‘plus’ service today – be specific and be sure she understands that your action was above and beyond the norm she pays for in her regular service.

Finally, touch to check the condition of the tops of window and door frames, the tops of the fridge and of picture frames, the tops of light bulbs and chandeliers – these are all surfaces that are easy to forget and will contribute to the overall dust load and thus the house’s air quality as well as your reputation with the owner.

Leaving a note to tell the homeowner that you have performed that extra or detailed service is a good idea; just be sure you haven’t missed any of them – for the one you missed will surely be the ‘one’ she  checks.

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