House Cleaning Done Right: Using Hearing

House Cleaning And Your Sense of Hearing

We all want our house cleaning done right, don’t we?  If you’ve been following our series, we have thus far talked about the use of sight, smell, and touch to enhance cleaning techniques.  Today we will talk about using your sense of hearing.  Yes, your hearing!

Using your sense of hearing to clean betterDo you hear something unusual upon entering the house?  Especially if the owner is travelling, listen for sounds of trouble – a motor may sound louder than usual or uneven, as if it’s laboring – pay attention and call the office to tell them and ask for suggestions. 

If you hear water dripping or running, investigate the source at once.  It could be a fish tank which would be fine, or it could be a faucet left open or a leaky toilet.  We found a broken pipe in an elderly client’s attic the day after a cold snap while she was travelling abroad and were able to mitigate what could have become a huge and very expensive problem. 

Investigate odd sounds and if in doubt, even slightly, report to your office.  A faint, constant sound like an alarm going off in the attic or basement would be worth investigating and reporting to the office.  Hearing an electrical ‘snap’ when turning on a light switch might also indicate a problem.  

When cleaning a gas stove-top, take note if the electronic ignition switch goes ‘tick-tick-tick’ or you hear the faint hiss of gas.  The latter, especially, could be very serious and always bears checking out.  Stay alert and use your senses to avoid or to identify and report problems.

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