House Cleaning Done Right: Preparing A House For Cleaning

Preparing a House for Cleaners

 We have a long-time customer who told us her son once asked her “how come you always clean the day that the cleaners are coming?”  This particular client is a ‘neatnik’, so she may have actually done some ‘preparatory’ cleaning, but more likely her son was confused by another factor – one that enables our teams to clean more thoroughly and efficiently – namely, de-cluttering, straightening and preparing a house for cleaners to come in.

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De-cluttering is, after all, a no brainer!  For a quick illustration, which is easier to dust and vacuum, the playroom with scattered toys and a zillion puzzle pieces and Lego blocks or the same room where toys are stored in bins or off the floor and surfaces are exposed and accessible for cleaning? 

 Like I said – it’s a no-brainer.  The need for preparing a house for cleaning is a major reason that we refer to the client-cleaner relationship as a partnership.  The client helps prepare the home so the cleaner can be most effective.

That said, there is a subtler influence at work in an orderly versus chaotic environment.  Cleaning is not just rote repetition or muscling a vacuum and mop around. 

A large percent of cleaning is using your other senses, like sight, smell, touch, etc.  Perhaps it is because we began our cleaning business in empty houses for move-outs and post-construction cleaning, but when I clean, I try to visualize cleaning from top-to-bottom, corner-to-corner, wall-to-wall working in a systematic fashion so when I get back to the entry door, I’ve covered the entire room in thorough, consistent fashion. 

 In the upcoming month, we will explore cleaning using ALL of our senses to do a top-notch job.   In a series of 5 articles, we will talk about how each sense plays an important part in giving your house a thorough cleaning.

To learn more about the newest surfaces and cleaning techniques, visit our website page for House Cleaning Technician Certification. 

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