HCT Approved Instructors

Bruce and Sarah Vance, Town and Country Cleaning Services

Not only did ISE have to develop the course and apply for approval to offer the training, the school needed qualified and certified instructors for the HCT course and found what they needed in the knowledge and experience of Bruce and Sarah Vance of Town and Country Cleaning Services from the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

“The Vances together comprise 40 years of not just residential cleaning expertise but also the closely related specialties of light janitorial office cleaning and carpet and flooring cleaning and restoration,” explains Tom Stewart of Castle Keepers. ” Their experience and their status as The Clean Trust-certified master and journeyman textile cleaners, respectively, as well as their certifications in more than ten areas of cleaning made them the ideal candidates to present for approval.”

As pioneers in creating the HCT course, Bruce and Sarah were in the unique position of both meeting instructor credentials and, to a degree, designing them at the same time. The Clean Trust requires that instructors applying for HCT instructor certification meet the following minimum requirements: be a journeyman textile cleaner, complete three certifications in carpet, upholstery, and one elective, demonstrate teaching or public speaking experience, and show that the individual operates a residential cleaning business.

“The challenge we faced in developing HCT instructor credentials was to acquire the scope of knowledge necessary to address basic cleaning of the many different surfaces our home cleaning technicians encounter,” shares Bruce Vance. “Unlike many certifications, the HCT certification is an overview certification rather than a master. It took easily ten different courses, each going in depth into a particular type of surface or technique, for me to develop the breadth of knowledge that the HCT course will deliver to technicians.”

David Kiser, Champagne Services

David Kiser is currently the Administrator of The Institute for Service Excellence. Mr. Kiser was the first ARCSI President and an industry leader. He also serves in the capacity of Chair for the ARCSI Certification Committee. David is a Certified CIMS Consultant and is the owner of Champagne Services in Northern Virginia in the shadows of Washington, D.C. Champagne Services was the first residential service company to join the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI).

To learn more about becoming an IICRC-approved instructor for the House Cleaning Technnician certification class, please review the qualification requirements on our blog and then contact one of the above-listed approved instructors to find out what it’s like to run a successful business, become qualified to teach the class, and maintain the teaching credentials.